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  • Vocal Technique

  • Song Interpretation

  • Audition "Book Building"

  • Voice Injury Rehabilitation

  • Scenework

  • Monologues

  • College Audition Preparation

  • Professional Audition Preparation

  • Career Consultation


"Ashleigh is an amazing coach. Ashleigh has been coaching my daughter for about five years via Facetime. The improvement in my daughter’s song interpretation and acting ability has been steady and incredible. Ashleigh knows how to prepare students for auditions. She has prepared my daughter for college auditions (from exploring and picking materials, to having all pieces ready). Most importantly, Ashleigh is always there for us answering questions and being supportive. We love her positive and happy disposition, which makes her easy to work with no matter how stressful the situation. We love Ashleigh!" ~Audrey

"I started taking lessons with Ashleigh after a 2 year period of not singing due to bowed vocal chords. In the short period I’ve worked with her I feel like I’m regaining the voice I was once had and then some. She’s extremely knowledgeable and patient. I’d recommend her to anyone." ~Aisha

"Ashleigh is such a wonderful person to work with! She is incredibly thorough and helped me find material that really resonates with me. Her warmth and sense of humor create a fun and welcoming lesson environment! She focuses on telling the story which is so important to me as an “actor who sings”. I couldn’t recommend her enough!" ~Kelly

"Coming from a primarily concert dance background, I knew very little about what and how to prepare for theater/Broadway auditions. However, Ashleigh guided me through the process of not only how to prepare songs for these auditions, but also build a foundation where I can be comfortable and confident with my voice, understand the character I would be auditioning for, and use my dance background to my advantage when presenting these songs! I did not expect to learn and grow so much and am incredibly grateful for everything Ashleigh has done for me!" ~Wynne

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